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Enterprise Collaboration breaking down Silos

We had a great conversation with IT Business Edge on how Social Intranet is breaking down silos and helping our organization moving forward and have more collaboration, communication and innovation.

Click here to view the interview/article.

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Enterprise Collaboration Project Recogntion by Computerworld 2011 Honors Program

Recipient of 2011 Computerworld Honors Program Laureate award under the “Collaboration” category for implementing Collaboration technologies that transformed business and created “true” value to the organization.

Technology Solutions included: Enterprise Collaboration & Innovation Platform, Document Management & Collaboration, Digital Media Management & Collaboration and Cloud Security & Identity Management.

Project Information Link: Enterprise Collaboration

Award Case Study:

Collaboration Award Category Description

Recognizes organizations for the innovative use of IT to promote knowledge-sharing and enable collaboration on mutually beneficial economic, social, environmental,   health or research initiatives across organizations, industries, countries and/or continents.

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