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Mobile Applications As A Service (MAaaS) – What’s the business value?

Implementing and launching a Mobile App/Site is now there in everyone’s strategy (short-term or long-term). Thanks to fast growing consumer demand for mobile devices and mobile applications, customers are expecting this in the business world as well. This is one more example of how a consumer driven technology has increased the demand for mobile apps in the business world.

See the State of Mobile Apps report from Nielsen and Mobile Apps market reports. Very interesting info and trends!! I also keep hearing that by mid 2012, we will have more mobile internet users than than desktop users. I think this will happen by end of this year.

We had this in our IT Strategy as well – Utilize Information Technology to facilitate communication and collaboration internally within the organization and externally with customers by leveraging new and emerging technologies such as Mobile Applications, Cloud and Social Media.

We implemented Mobile Applications for Conferences by leveraging a cloud based model – Mobile Applications As A Service (MAaaS) to meet the Organization’s Strategy to Optimize Operational Effectiveness . We have now implemented mobile apps for 6 conferences – iPad, iPhone, Droid & Mobile Website/WAP. Each app took approximately 2 months – from app strategy, design through development, implementation and support. This was “Only” possible by leveraging a MAaaS based model powered by QuickMobile.

MAaaS has all the great benefits and business value of SaaS/Cloud solution + Mobile technologies. Following are top 10 P’s to consider when building mobile apps based on MAaaS model.

1. Presentation
2. Presence
3. Proximity
4. Personalization
5. Privacy
6. Payments
7. Push
8. Performance
9. Panache
10. Permission

Following is the model/framework that was used to implement the mobile applications. This framework is similar to a 3-tier framework that powers the websites. Tier 1 is the mobile device, Tier 2 is the application/business logic layer which is hosted in Apple iTunes, Droid Marketplace and Tier 3 is the data layer which hosts all the content. This framework provides real time data connectivity and SaaS based CMS (Content Management System) capabilities for Tier 3, such as real-time event schedules, personalization, interactive messaging, social networking, Push messaging, mCommerce, advertising and analytics. This  allowed us to add/update content via the SaaS and push data in real time to the mobile customers. This SaaS tool also provides real-time mobile usage statistics, feature level usage statistics and poll/survey results.

We recently implemented a State of Art mobile app (iPad, iPhone and Droid) for the Health Forum & Leadership Summitusing the above MAaaS model and achieved great success.

Following are the business benefits and value that was achieved:

  • Enhanced & prolonged attendee’s conference experience.
  • Provided fast and easy access of event and program information.
  • Provided access to videos, presentation and resources.
  • Provided access to digital and mobile action guides.
  • Provided attendees with real-time updates and news.
  • Provided attendees ability to take notes for each session.
  • Kept attendees connected and engaged via notifications and messages.
  • Provided easy, intuitive and interactive hotel and exhibit layout maps with search capabilities.
  • Provided more visibility for trade show exhibitors, sponsors and speakers.
  • Provided social media presence via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs for attendees, speakers and exhibitors for networking.
  • Provided more effective attendee management – polls, survey with instant results.
  • Provided real-time analytics on attendee’s experience and satisfaction in the conference and make the necessary changes immediately.
  • Go Green

This is a “true” case of how we can leverage new & emerging technologies to enable and transform business and get real “value”.

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