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Business Transformed: Document Management & Collaboration Presentation (Box.Net)

October 27, 2011 Leave a comment

I recently did a presentation at Boxworks conference (’s first annual conference) on how to transform business by leveraging Box.Net’s document management and collaboration solution.

Following are the topics…

  • Business Needs & Challenges
  • Solution approach and business architecture
  • Top business use cases
  • Customer success stories
  • Business results
  • Adoption strategies

Presentation Link:


Presentation Video:

Award Info:Star

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6 hottest IT trends

The 6 hottest trends in the IT industry can be directly be linked to recently published article by on the 6 hottest IT jobs.

– Business Technology (Business Architect)

– Business Discovery & Analytics (Data Scientist ..that’s a new term for Business Analytics, Intelligence professionals, finally we can have IT titles with “Scientist”)

– Social Enterprise, Social Media, Enterprise 2.0 (Social Media Architect)

– Mobile Device Management, BYOT, Digital Magazines, eBooks  (Mobile Technology Expert)

– Mobile Applications (Enterprise Mobile Developer)

– Cloud Computing, Private, Public, Hybrid, SaaS, Security, SSO (Cloud Architect)

Based on the list above, these are aligned with the latest and emerging trends and technologies that are enabling & transforming businesses and helping them to succeed.

These technologies are necessary and important for today’s fast pacing business & consumer world. To understand customer’s needs, who your customers are, what they need, sell the right products & services at the right time to meet the demanding/changing needs of customers, sell & reach customer through the right medium, communicate & collaborate better with customers and employees, find new revenue & growth opportunities, do predictive analytics to acquire new customers, sell more products & services to existing customers, scale and implement technology solutions faster at lower costs.

At my current organization, we have implemented all the above technologies and solutions including a new area called “Technology Business Integration” service area. We are seeing positive business results & outcomes. The CIO article kind of certified our technology strategy and direction!!

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Enterprise Collaboration Project Recogntion by Computerworld 2011 Honors Program

Recipient of 2011 Computerworld Honors Program Laureate award under the “Collaboration” category for implementing Collaboration technologies that transformed business and created “true” value to the organization.

Technology Solutions included: Enterprise Collaboration & Innovation Platform, Document Management & Collaboration, Digital Media Management & Collaboration and Cloud Security & Identity Management.

Project Information Link: Enterprise Collaboration

Award Case Study:

Collaboration Award Category Description

Recognizes organizations for the innovative use of IT to promote knowledge-sharing and enable collaboration on mutually beneficial economic, social, environmental,   health or research initiatives across organizations, industries, countries and/or continents.

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