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6 hottest IT trends

The 6 hottest trends in the IT industry can be directly be linked to recently published article by on the 6 hottest IT jobs.

– Business Technology (Business Architect)

– Business Discovery & Analytics (Data Scientist ..that’s a new term for Business Analytics, Intelligence professionals, finally we can have IT titles with “Scientist”)

– Social Enterprise, Social Media, Enterprise 2.0 (Social Media Architect)

– Mobile Device Management, BYOT, Digital Magazines, eBooks  (Mobile Technology Expert)

– Mobile Applications (Enterprise Mobile Developer)

– Cloud Computing, Private, Public, Hybrid, SaaS, Security, SSO (Cloud Architect)

Based on the list above, these are aligned with the latest and emerging trends and technologies that are enabling & transforming businesses and helping them to succeed.

These technologies are necessary and important for today’s fast pacing business & consumer world. To understand customer’s needs, who your customers are, what they need, sell the right products & services at the right time to meet the demanding/changing needs of customers, sell & reach customer through the right medium, communicate & collaborate better with customers and employees, find new revenue & growth opportunities, do predictive analytics to acquire new customers, sell more products & services to existing customers, scale and implement technology solutions faster at lower costs.

At my current organization, we have implemented all the above technologies and solutions including a new area called “Technology Business Integration” service area. We are seeing positive business results & outcomes. The CIO article kind of certified our technology strategy and direction!!

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