What should be your Social Business Architecture?


Karthik Chakkarapani

Designing the right Social Business Architecture is critical to the long-term success and to achieve true business benefits and value. This will also naturally lead to increased process efficiencies & effectiveness, break-down of silos, drive more culture of sharing, innovation and creativity across the organization.

Following is a sample Social Business Architecture


Following are the core tenets of Social Business Architecture:

1. External Engagement & Collaboration – for the organization to listen in from customers, partners & the social world marketplace and engage them to share ideas, knowledge & solutions, provide feedback on products & services, identify trends & top influencers, post issues, monitor & analyze sentiments and build a strong & vibrant community. Capability to feed all these info to the enterprise social network and other systems, provide feedback and respond back seamlessly.

2. Internal Engagement & Collaboration – an enterprise collaboration/social network platform for employees to connect, share, engage communicate and collaborate internally with other and externally with customers and partners on ideas, solutions, knowledge & solutions, contextual collaboration on business processes, apps & systems.

3. Social Integration – scalable, flexible architecture and robust integration capabilities to push and pull the necessary information from legacy apps and other 3rd party systems to the enterprise collaboration/social network platform to drive more contextual collaboration on business processes and data.

4. Social Intranet/Federated Search – a robust socially empowered intranet that provides a single hub for information for employees to discover information and expertise within the enterprise social network and across all other systems easily and quickly.

5. Mobile – mobile friendly and flexible architecture to access information from any device, any browser, any location and any time.

6. Social Analytics – ability to collect, analyze and mine data across the enterprise applications, internal and external social networks and provide insights to make better business decisions.

Love to hear your feedback!

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