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Email Vs Social Collaboration At Work

June 29, 2012 3 comments

Which is better? Collaborating via email or via a social collaboration platform at work? Check out the following video.

The above video clearly shows the inefficiencies of collaborating via email. Improving collaboration provides an organization one of the best opportunities to meet the growing and changing needs and demands of customers, compete well in the marketplace and tap the collective intelligence of employees to solve business issues and problems, be innovative and creative.

Following are some the business benefits/value an organization can achieve by implementing an enterprise collaboration platform.

• Improved Collaboration & Communication among Employees, Customers and Partners
• Improved Employee Engagement & Satisfaction
• Improved Productivity & Efficiency
• Better Knowledge Capture & Retention
• Discover Experts & Information quickly & easily
• Foster Innovation & Creativity
• Smart Enterprise & Workplace
• More Transparency – Top-Down/Bottom-Up
• Break-down of Silos
• Drive towards Culture of Sharing
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